What to do in Boquete


Our Boquete is a land blessed by nature: Located at 3000 feet above sea level in the mountains of Panama, Boquete is well-known worldwide for its fertile volcanic soil, cool weather and its buoyant gourmet coffee industry. The surrounding Chiriqui area is known for its many rivers, different shades of green, and the kindness and positive attitude of its people. If you are looking for what to do in Boquete, here is a list of some fun activities

What to do in Boquete

Farm tours are the new attraction of Boquete. Agriculture is an established local industry here (actually, most of the produce you see in Panama City comes either from here or from the neighbor town of Cerro Punta).

Recommended Activities While Staying at The Rebequet

Don’t know where to begin? Our staff may have suggestions for you according to your needs. Meanwhile, let us suggest you these activities while you are our guest!

  • River and Sea Kayaking
  • Coffee Tours
  • Birdwatching
  • Tree trekking

Nested in the slopes of the majestic Baru Volcano (Panama’s highest point at some 10,000 feet above sea level), Boquete offers many faces for the discerning traveler. Reaching the pinnacle of the Volcano can be an exhausting activity, but when you get to see both the Pacific and the Caribbean at the same time, you know it was worth your while.


Coffee plantation tours are among the preferred activities: our coffee production is renowned among connoisseurs as one of the best in the world. Such tours often include the required field trip to the plantations and beneficios (the factories where coffee is processed), but also may include coffee tastings guided by the expert Boqueteño growers.




what_to_do_in_boqueteFor birdwatching fans, this is another noteworthy activity here, as we have thousands of species gracing our mountains and skies. Birdwatching takes place in the quiet Quetzales Trail and the surrounding mountains. If some luck assists you, maybe you can spot the elusive quetzal.

Boquete is just hours away from interesting beaches and island activities:  The Caribbean Sea  is some 4-5 hours from Boquete, and the Pacific is just 1-2 hours away. You can do island tours, sea kayaking, or just lay back in a desert island that you can reclaim for yourself for a day.

The province of Chiriqui has also been the center of attention to the sports of river kayaking and river rafting. The rivers of the area can give you that extra dose of adrenaline, if that is what you seek!

There are several and diverse activities to do and restaurants in Boquete, all very close to Hotel Rebequet


No matter what you are looking for, Boquete and Chiriqui surely have something for you. Please contact us to discover a little more of this land we at the Rebequet call home. Our staff will guide on what to doin Boquete next time you visit us!

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